Online Workshops der IVS-BM im Januar/Februar 2013

11. Dezember 2012

Online Workshops for staff and guests of the Max Planck Society

Our interactive online workshops will help you to select and apply the most appropriate scientific information resources for your research. Many licensed or publicly available databases and tools relevant to all areas of science will be presented and discussed in detail. Make sure that you are familiar with the broad range of unique information resources and services available to you in the MPG!

Topics offered in January/February 2013 include:

  • “Scientific Information Resources of the MPG” (also available in German) Take advantage of searching capabilities beyond Google and PubMed
  • “Reference Management Systems” (4 Workshops in one week) Introduction and demonstrations of EndNote, Mendeley, Papers & Zotero
  • “ProQuest Database Collections” (3 Workshops in one week) Advanced search options for Life Sciences / Chemistry & Physics / Humanities & Social Sciences
  • “Introduction to Databases under the Web of Knowledge (WoK) ”
  • “Searching the MEDLINE Database more efficiently”
  • “NCBI Resources for Genes & Genomes”
  • “Nucleotide / Protein BLAST”
  • “Working with Multiple Alignments´"
  • “ExPasy – the SIB Bioinformatics Resources Portal”

Attendance is free of charge, but online registration is required. Workshops usually last 90 minutes and are held in English unless stated otherwise.

The current workshop schedule, content details and online registration forms are available here.

For printing posters and flyers, please use the pdf version of the current schedule available here.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please contact:

The IVS-BM team and our external instructors look forward to your attendance!

Ben Bowman

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