For questions about Shibboleth, please contact:

Dr. Robin Haunschild

Address: Heisenbergstr. 1
70569 Stuttgart
Telephon: 0711/689-1285
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Shibboleth (only FKF)

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Shibboleth (only FKF)

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Shibboleth - access to protected resources

Shibboleth is a distributed access control system which opens a remote access to fee-based content on the web licensed by the MPG also outside of the IP-range of the MPG (e.g. during travel or at home).

You only need:

  • web browser (platform independent: Win, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, ...)
  • your FKF mail account, e.g. and password of the web-mail system.

Because the basic Shibboleth technology is not available on all platforms, we are using a gateway to the existing IP controlled web (EZProxy). Using thes proxy allows access to all content on the web which is licensed by MPG (Grundversorgung by MPDL) as well as local licenses, even if you are currently not situated in the institute.

Note: Please use only these links as bookmarks (or as shortcuts on your desktop).

Databases (a selection)

E-Journals und E-Books (in Auswahl)

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