Rules for returning from a risk area

The crisis unit decided to enact the following rules until further notice:


last update: September 24, 2021

The entry conditions listed here apply to people entering Germany from a risk area.

Whenever your team has a new employee arriving from a risk area and spending their quarantine in the guest house, you must notify your institute’s contact person in advance; contact for MPI-IS and IMW and for MPI-FKF and VAD. This campus registration is separate from the mandatory German entry registration at

Such new employees can obtain the key to their guest house room only at the reception of Heisenbergstr. 1. We recommend the new employee’s contact person in each team to be there as well and hand the key over outside our building, wearing everyday masks and always keeping a distance of at least 1.5 meters.

It is important for each team to clearly communicate that the quarantined person must not leave their room for the entire time of the quarantine – except in an emergency such as a fire alarm or when asked by the authorities to be tested for COVID-19. They are not allowed to come in contact with their neighbors, and they must not go into shared areas of the guest house or for walks outside. Note that the shared kitchens in the guest house cannot be used during quarantine.

To protect the health of the cleaning staff, there will be no cleaning service of the rooms of new employees during the mandatory quarantine.

We ask all hosting departments, research groups, and other units to ensure that all new employees quarantining in the guest house:

  • understand and obey these very important regulations,
  • have a daily supply of food and other necessities, and
  • are physically and mentally well throughout quarantine.

We specifically suggest contacting new employees digitally at least once a day – also on weekends – to check that everything is OK and help solve any problems that they encounter.

If the new employee shows symptoms similar to COVID-19 while in the guest house, the person together with the team’s contact person should immediately inform , our company doctor (, and get his advice on how to proceed. Obviously, the authorities also have to be kept in the loop, following the instructions that the employee will receive after doing the digital entry registration.

Should there be a new employee with strong COVID-19 symptoms, call 116 117 to reach a non-emergency doctor or 112 to reach the emergency paramedics. Most new employees will not know what the emergency numbers are, so it is good if they can always call their contact person who knows what to do when.

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