Coronavirus regulations on the Stuttgart Max Planck campus

Coronavirus regulations on the Stuttgart Max Planck campus


last update: July 2, 2020

  • We ask employees to balance working from home with working on campus. Working from home is still encouraged for employees who need to care for children, people with health risk factors, and those whose work can be conducted efficiently at home. Otherwise, you are asked to carefully increase your daily activity on campus in consultation with your supervisor. On campus, we ask you to follow all of the regulations listed below and on other pages of this website.

  • Visitors who need access to the Max Planck campus in Stuttgart-Büsnau for business purposes will be required to fill out a questionnaire at the reception desk. Interested individuals should check this registration form in advance to be sure they will be allowed to come onto campus.

  • All people who come on campus must always stay at least 1.5 meters away from all people who do not belong to their household and should wash their hands frequently using proper techniques.

  • All employees must obey the following rules for office occupancy and lab occupancy:
    • Two people are allowed to work together in an office if it is larger than 11 square meters.
    • Only one person may work in any office smaller than 11 square meters.
    • In shared offices, stay at least 1.5 meters away from each other at all times – without exception – and ensure the room is well ventilated.
    • It is not mandatory to wear an everyday mask when working at your desk.
    • Please wear an everyday mask when you leave your office and go to communal areas such as the hallways, chill-out areas, the cafeteria waiting line, or the bathrooms.
    • We encourage officemates not to sit face-to-face. In cases where this seating arrangement cannot be avoided, it may be possible for a plastic screen to be installed. Please consult your institute’s safety officer ( for MPI-FKF or for MPI-IS) to inquire about this option.
    • Please consult your supervisor and/or your institute’s safety officer if you are asked to share an office and have any serious reasons for not doing so at this time.
    • The crisis unit encourages everyone to continue following the one-person-per-office rule when possible, even in offices that are larger than 11 square meters. Always be on the safe side to minimize the risk of coronavirus transmission between our employees.
    • We recognize that two (or more) people may need to work simultaneously in one laboratory for safety and/or operational reasons. As with large offices, individuals must stay at least 1.5 meters away from each other and wear an everyday mask at all times. Please consult your institute’s safety officer ( for MPI-FKF or for MPI-IS) if you would like to determine whether and how more than one person can work together closely but safely in any laboratory, as our laboratories vary greatly.

  • Everyone is encouraged to wear simple face masks (known as "everyday masks") on campus to limit the spread of the virus. Two reusable fabric masks have been made available to each employee for this purpose. Employees should also be aware that the Baden-Württemberg government recently announced a new mask requirement. Starting from April 27, everyone is now required to wear simple mouth and nose protection when shopping and when on public transportation.

  • Anyone who has had contact with a possible coronavirus case must stay at home for 14 days from the contact and inform their supervisor and their institute’s contact person ( for MPI-FKF or for MPI-IS).

  • Anyone with symptoms similar to those of coronavirus must stay home, inform their supervisor and their institute’s contact person ( for MPI-FKF or for MPI-IS), and call their doctor or an emergency room. Only healthy individuals may come on campus at this time.

  • The most common symptoms in COVID-19 cases, as stated by the Robert Koch-Institute (RKI), are fever as the most common, followed by cough, shortness of breath, muscle and joint pain, sore throat, head ache, nausea, stuffy nose, diarrhea and odour/taste disorders.

  • The Max Planck Society currently requires individuals who want to take a business trip outside of Germany to ask the central MPG crisis unit for COVID-19-related travel recommendations in advance of the trip. The traveler (or his or her delegate) is responsible for requesting this advice by emailing Responses usually come within one business day, and the advice received should be shared with the travel approver, if there is one. Business trips within Germany currently do not require special measures beyond the standard travel authorization form.


  For more detailed information, please consult the archive of announcements by our campus crisis unit.  
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