RRules for the cafeteria

The crisis unit decided to enact the following rules until further notice:


last update: January 19, 2022

  1. Only individuals with a "Max-Planck-Institute Stuttgart" identification card and visitors with a business purpose are allowed to eat in the canteen. External persons (non-employees of the two Institutes) are only allowed to enter the cafeteria if they have been vaccinated or recovered (2G rule).
  2. The Corona regulation Baden-Württemberg is defining the rules for our cafeteria:

    • For campus employees only the 1.5 m distance rule applies.

    • For external people the 2G rule applies in addition.

    • In the cafeteria, we allow two people per large table and one person per small table. You must not push tables together.

    • In order to spread out the attendance in the cafeteria, we encourage you to use the full period from 11.30 a. m. to 1.30 p. m. for your lunch there.

  3. The canteen is open from 9.00 a.m. until 1:30 p. m.
  4. You must wash your hands using the methods recommended by the health authorities before going to the canteen. 
  5. You must wear a medical mask or a FFP2 mask in order to enter the canteen.
  6. At all locations in and around the canteen, you must stay at least 1.5 meters away from other people. Maintain this distance no matter what you are doing – even when you are washing your hands or waiting in a line.
  7. Check the balance on your card before you enter the canteen, and add money to ensure you have sufficient funds when you get to the cashier.
  8. Access to and from the canteen will be organized with a one-way flow of people. You can enter the cafeteria only by the stairs located across from the supply store: separate lines are formed for vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. The floor is marked to show you the direction to move and the inter-person distance to keep. You may cautiously pass another person on the stairs when needed. You can exit the canteen only via the exit staircase that is intertwined with the entrance staircase, or via the terrace to the outdoor area.
  9. A maximum of six customers may be in the canteen’s sales area simultaneously. Up to one person may be on the entrance stairway, up to four people at the food counters and in the main part of the room, and no more than one person paying at the cashier.
  10. Clear plastic panels have been installed to better separate customers from staff working behind the food counters and at the cash register. You may approach a cafeteria worker at a distance less than 1.5 meters only when a clear plastic panel is present between you.
  11. The canteen will offer one vegetarian and one non-vegetarian lunch option. Cold beverages and other packaged items may be taken as usual.
  12. Pay for your purchases with the money loaded on your ID card. To minimize contact with staff, cash payment is not preferred.
  13. You should wash your hands properly soon after leaving the canteen area.
  14. The handrails of the cafeteria staircases will be disinfected regularly by the cleaning staff. The tables inside the canteen will be cleaned once per day.
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